Partners for Growth (PFG) is a partnership that provides capital funding debt solutions to private and public technology and life science companies. Partners for Growth primarily focuses on venture capital funding for late-stage companies that currently bring in over $10 million in revenue. PFG customizes its capital funding to match the specific needs of each and every company they work with. PFG takes a customized approach that results in a variety of debt solutions structures and terms that include; working growth capital lines of credit, term loans, and convertible debt loans. PFG looks to share in the success of their clients by taking equity participation rights in the form of stock warrants or convertibility of debt.


Established in 2004, PFG was founded by the former owners and managers of Hambrecht & Quist’s venture lending business, which was started in 1983. Founders Don Campbell and Andrew Kahn have over 25 years working together providing loans to emerging technology and life science companies. Together as a team, the founding partners have financed over 137 technology and life science companies dating back to mid to late 1980’s including, for example, equipment leases to Sybase and AOL. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, they provided debt financing as part of the investment banking firm, Hambrecht and Quist. Four years after Hambrecht and Quist was acquired by Chase Manhattan Bank and subsequently merged with JP Morgan, Andrew and Don formed Partners for Growth and partnered with Silicon Valley Bank to continue to provide debt solutions that are not available through traditional commercial lending providers.


PFG is currently investing out of its fourth fund; Partners for Growth IV, L.P. Silicon Valley Bank Financial Group (NASDAQ: SIVB), the parent company of Silicon Valley Bank is the largest investor in Partners for Growth’s first and second funds. Silicon Valley Bank Financial Group has also participated with Partners for Growth throughout its Fund 3 & 4 investments. PFG works closely with Silicon Valley Bank and providing incremental debt solutions to many of the bank’s clients. Silicon Valley Bank backs 50% of all venture capital-backed technology and life science companies in the U.S. with over $40 billion in assets (as of Q1 2015).