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Custom Debt Solutions For 30 Years

In a world that is focused on instant access and wireless connectivity we are seeing more hardware & system companies that are looking for late-stage term loans. These loans are typically given through a financial group that has proven successful in dealings with other hardware & systems companies. PFG is a lending group that offers these late-stage companies lending solutions that are 100% customized to meet company needs for equity.

Sonicfoundry provides a software platform for lecture capture, video streaming and webcasting.

A global provider of wireless solutions to the transportation sector, including passenger WiFi.

Providing point to multi-point wireless backhaul solutions to network operators.

Internet security appliances & services for enterprise-level Internet-based resources.

ultra-low latency networks connecting major exchanges all throughout the world.

Developer of test/inspection equipment used by manufacturers of photovoltaic solar cells.

Providing hardware and software solutions to extend 2G/3G mobile coverage

Offering second-generation cyber security and 3D chip stacking technology.

Provides parking guidance, bay sensing & enforcement parking management systems.

Solutions to positively impact driver behavior through monitoring and mentoring.

Power-assisted productivity (shopping cart mover, other wheeled loads) and mobility solutions.

Interwave (now Alvarion) provides high quality 4G wireless communications solutions.

Supplier of wafer-level automation to semiconductor manufacturing and related industries.

OmniLink provides GPS tracking of people (health and criminal justice) and assets

ultra high performance, high reliability microwave and millimeter devices and subsystems.

Provides medical data archiving, storage, and disaster-recovery solutions

SIM cards and calling cards to facilitate international travel and low cost mobile overseas.

Open Source Systems provides open system storage servers and cluster packages.

(now M86 Security) Provider of Secure Web Gateways and Web and e-mail content security.

Clarity Visual Systems High performance video wall technology and digital signage.

Supercomputing simplified - experts in high performance computing. Learn more here.

wireless services to anywhere in your building or throughout your multi-building campus

Optical access systems that enable service providers to offer a wide range of solutions

SIM cards and calling cards to facilitate international travel and low cost mobile overseas.

Sonics is a Provider of on-chip communications network IP. Learn more here.

Qualmark ia a manufacturer of accelerated stress test equipment worldwide.

Test and measurement equipment for aerospace, defense, and telecommunications industries.