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Custom Debt Solutions for Technology & Growth Companies

Financing emerging growth companies across Australia since the mid-2000s, PFG is a reliable capital partner to help finance the growth of your business. From our roots in the San Francisco Bay Area PFG has focused on custom debt for innovation companies for over three decades.

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Why Choose Us

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An Experienced Lender...

We’ve financed more than 70 companies across the region since we helped pioneer debt capital solutions for growth companies in Australia almost 15 years ago.

We know how to work with emerging growth companies through the ups and downs.

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... with a Custom Approach

PFG operates with the flexibility to structure loans to fit the financing needs of your company.

Unlike other lenders, we create custom debt facilities, we don’t force fit you to off the shelf “lending products”.


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Partners in Your Growth Journey

Leverage our networks across fellow growth stage entrepreneurs and venture capital and private equity investors.

Utilize our partnership with Silicon Valley Bank for expansion to the U.S. and global markets.



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How It Works

Step 1: Connect with PFG

Let’s get the conversation started! Share your contact details and brief information on your business and financing goals.

PFG will reach out to connect for a follow up to learn more about your company and understand how we might be able to provide financing solutions to help you meet your goals.


AnInnovator in Australian Growth Capital
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Step 2: Customised Capital Solution

Once we both agree there looks to be a fit for a financing partnership, PFG will work collaboratively with you to diagram a transaction customised to the needs of your business.

Underwriting, business and financial due diligence and documentation process can move as quickly as the situation warrants. As a small firm with a flexible approach, our goal is to deliver structured loans to meet your needs and propel your business forward.


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