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A social commerce platform known for sustainable business practices needed flexible financing to enhance its product experience and support a growing user base.
case-studyConsumer Internet & E-Commercefeatured-storyLatin America
A social commerce platform known for sustainable business practices needed flexible financing to enhance its product experience.
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A financing and payments company for emerging-market SMBs, was early in its growth journey and needed the debt funding to accelerate its mission to expand financing and software solutions for startups and SMBs.
case-studyConsumer Internet & E-Commercefeatured-storyLatin America
A financing and payments company for emerging-market SMBs needed debt funding to accelerate its mission.
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An e-commerce marketplace and financial services app with a strong trajectory and established receivables needed a debt facility to expand its loan book, unlocking capital to invest in its merchant network, product offering and consumer base.
case-studyfeatured-storyFinTechMiddle East - North Africa
An e-commerce marketplace and financial with a strong trajectory needed a debt facility to expand its loan book.
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An Australian e-commerce business with a proven track record, looking to expand into products and markets prior to raising institutional equity.
Australia - New Zealandcase-studyConsumer Internet & E-Commercefeatured-story
Australian e-commerce business with a proven track record looking to expand into products and markets prior to raising institutional equity.
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A consumer Fintech digital credit card needed a custom offshore warehouse facility to fund its growing loan book.
Asia Pacificcase-studyfeatured-storyFinTech
A consumer Fintech digital credit card needed a custom offshore warehouse facility to fund its growing loan book.
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An innovative specialty pharmacy business improving patient outcomes, DivvyDose was backed by its founder and looking for alternatives to venture capital to continue its rapid growth.
case-studyfeatured-storyHealthcareNorth America
An innovative specialty pharmacy business improving patient outcomes, looking for alternatives to venture capital to continue its rapid growth.
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HotDoc, based in Melbourne, built a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business focused on driving efficiency across the patient booking and healthcare service provider operational experience by delivering convenient and simple to use online tools. Having raised equity financing to invest in product and prove market potential, HotDoc was looking to accelerate growth. While the business had strong trends with top line growth, it was still actively investing in sales and marketing and not yet generating cash flow.
Australia - New Zealandcase-studyfeatured-storySoftware & Services
A Healthcare infrastructure tech company delivering topline growth, pre-cash flow, needed a recurring revenue facility to scale its subscription base.
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More Companies
340 basics logo
340Basics is at the forefront of healthcare technology, delivering cutting-edge software solutions to all 340B-eligible healthcare providers and pharmacies.
8e6 Technologies logo
Now part of Trustwave, 8E6 was a provider of Secure Web Gateways and Web and e-mail content security.
90 seconds logo
90 Seconds operates the world’s video creation platform that powers the worlds best brands.
Academy Xi logo
Academy XI is an educational institution providing short, practical, and skill specific courses in design and technology.
Accel networks logo
Accel Networks Provides primary and backup connectivity services to enterprise customers.
ActOn Logo
Act-On is an integrated marketing workspace designed to align inbound and outbound marketing campaigns across the customer lifecycle.
Activecare logo
ActiveCare is a technology and service provider that provides real-time visibility to health conditions and risk to individuals with an on-going monitoring system.
Adlib logo
Adlib is a provider of software which assists in enhancing business processes by transforming unstructured content through advanced rendering technology.
Admedus logo
Admedus is a company focused on developing, commercializing and distributing next-generation medical technologies globally.
Api logo
Advanced Photonix engages in the development and production of optoelectronic devices.
Airsage logo
Airsage generates billions of anonymous location data points, generating relevant and accessible information about consumers.
air wide logo
Airwidee Solutions offers mobile messaging and wireless internet infrastructure, applications and solutions to mobile operators.
Aliaswire provides merchant service technology for businesses and banks, including PayVus Small Business Credit Card Issuer and DirectBiller EBPP.
apaiser logo
Apaiser designs and customizes luxury bathware.
appspace logo
Appspace is a global leader in digital signage and enterprise video for employee communications. Appspace simplifies how organizations share content with their employees.
ARC Group logo
Arc provides workforce recruitment and training services.
arrival logo
Arrival Communications is a facility based competitive local exchange carrier headquartered in downtown Los Angeles and focused on California and Nevada.
Assia logo
Assia works with leading service providers to deliver broadband solutions that grow revenues, increase customer satisfaction, and more.
Authorit logo
Author-It provides enterprise software for authoring, content management, publishing, and localization.
Axi Corp logo
AxiCorp is a provider of margin Forex trading services for the retail and institutional markets.
Azul logo
Azul Systems develops high performance Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) and runtime platforms for executing Java applications.
Baubap is a microlending financial platform designed to offer personal loans. Users can apply for a loan anytime and anywhere through its mobile application.
Bayzat is a technology SaaS company that provides insurance, payroll, and human resources solutions for businesses.
Benthic is a global leader in offshore marine geotechnical investigation, survey, analysis and design.
Bioject logo
Biojet Medical Technologies is an innovative drug delivery company with a needle-free injection technology.
Bluevenn logo
Blue Venn provides a multi-channel marketing automation and customer data platform hub.
borqs logo
Borqs is a global product and technology provider dedicated to providing loT customizable, differentiated and scalable Android based smart connected devices and cloud solutions.
boundless logo
Boundless offers branded promotional merchandise through a technology enabled sales organization.
brosa logo
Brosa is an Australian designer furniture marketplace online.
Btimaging logo
BT Imaging is a developer of test/inspection equipment used by manufacturers of photovoltaic solar cells.
bytemobile logo
Bytemobile provides web and video optimization which helps carriers obtain more bandwidth and efficiency from existing networks.
Calabrio logo
Calabrio provides a contact center workforce optimization suite.
cambridge Broadband Networks logo
Cambridge Broadband provides point to multi-point wireless backhaul solutions to network operators.
cancer genetics logo
Cancer Genetics offers diagnostic products and services that enable precision medicine in oncology.
Canopy Tools logo
Canopy is a software and services company providing cloud software and IT data products.
CSI logo
CSI offers a system for treating peripheral arterial disease, or PAD.
Cashrewards logo
Cashrewards is a shopping community that rewards its members by offering savings and cashback at over 1200 stores.
CBD Energy Logo
CBD Energy is a diversified renewable energy company providing integrated sustainable solutions for fossil fuel and CO2 emission reduction.
chefd logo
Chef’d is an at-home, high-quality ingredient meal marketplace.
Clarity logo
Clarity has an operating support system which runs, and operates telecommunications network.
clarity logo
Clarity Visual Systems provides high performance video wall technology and digital signage.
Clever House is a distributor of specialized consumer electronics and smart home products in Australia and New Zealand. 
CloudStrategem Logo
Cloud Stratagem is an Australian-based consulting firm specializing in the design, build and support of IT Communications systems.
Comestri logo
Comestri opera a SaaS platform for eCommerce focused on PIM, OMS and Channel Management.
Comverge logo
Comverge provides energy management via demand response and energy efficiency for residential, commercial and industrial markets.
Connectandsell logo
ConnectAndSell provides a cloud based sales acceleration platform.
cpacket logo
cPacket is a provider of next generation network performance monitoring and packet broker solutions.
crossing automation logo
Crossing Automation is a supplier of wafer-level automation to semiconductor manufacturing and related industries.
ctccable logo
CTC Cable provides solutions to efficiently modernize electrical grid systems.
Cycliq logo
Cycliq provides cyclists with safety lights and cameras.
Daisee’s AI transforms voice to text for deep analysis, enhancing compliance, customer experience, and agent performance
damstra logo
Damstra delivers solutions that radically transform the ease with which an entire workforce is managed, tracked, and protected.
Dane technologies logo
Dane Technologies offers power-assisted productivity (shopping cart mover, other wheeled loads) and mobility solutions.
Datacore logo
DataCore is software-defined advanced data storage technology to accelerate performance, increase efficiency, and achieve zero-downtime availability.
Deliveryagent logo
Delivery Agent provides major TV media companies with shopping-enabled programming and result driven content monetization.
Delphix logo
Delphix provides an intelligent data platform that accelerates digital transformation for companies around the world.
design crowd logo
Design Crowd operate an online marketplace for logo design, graphic design, and web design.
divvydose logo
divvyDOSE is a specialty pharmacy business located near Chicago, Illinois with an innovative approach to help patients improve regiment adherence and compliance. Despite fantastic growth ...
DNN logo
DNN Software provides open source web content management platform (CMS) in the Microsoft ecosystem.
Downpayments enables existing borrowers to leverage their equity to obtain an interest-free down payment for their next purchase without refinancing.
Edgewave logo
Edgewave provides internet security appliances and services for enterprise-level Internet-based resources.
Ekit logo
Ekit provides SIM cards and calling cards to facilitate international travel and low cost mobile overseas.
Elenas, founded in 2017, is a social‐marketplace allowing women across Colombia and Mexico to earn income by selling products on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social ...
Employment Hero is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses manage HR, payroll, and employee benefits.
employment innovations logo
Employment Innovations provides software to help businesses navigate the legal, HR and administrative challenges of employing staff.
energy connect
Energy Connect provides demand response services to the electricity grid through its proprietary software as a service (SaaS).
Engrain logo
Engrain is a real estate technology company known for touch screen kiosks, interactive mapping, and data visualization products.
Entelo logo
Entelo is a recruiting automation platform to help you recruit faster, smarter, and better.
Enterworks logo
EnterWorks provides solutions for multichannel catalog publishing, product information management, and master data management.
Ento logo
Ento provides end-to-end staff workforce management software.
Envirosuite helps businesses that are seeking answers to managing the environment in which they operate.
Epicainternational logo
Epica designs, develops, and distributes progressive robotic CT platforms for healthcare and industrial applications.
Fanplayr logo
Fanplayr uses behavioral segmentation patented technology, powered by AI, to improve website conversion performance.
FluentCommerce is an order management system that companies can tailor to fit their omnichannel strategy.
Futurerent is a developer of a real estate lending platform designed to reinvent their asset.
Gazillion is a provider of massive multi-player online (MMO) video games.
GBW logo
GBW provides customer experience management globally through retail and brand audits, mystery shopping, competitor benchmarking, advanced analytics and customer surveys.
Gigatronics logo
Giga-tronics provides test and measurement equipment for aerospace, defense, and telecommunications industries.
Glamcorner logo
GlamCorner is the leading online destination for women in Australia to rent designer dresses.
Global-Marketplace logo
Global Marketplace provides a range of products and services to the e-commerce industry, our clients and our customers.
Global Med logo
Now Haemonetics, Blood management solutions for hospitals and blood banks.
Gogrid logo
GoGrid is an IaaS provider offering public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions.
Grooveshark logo
Grooveshark owned and operated a music streaming website to connects artists, labels, fans and advertisers.
Health-Metrics logo
Health Metrics provides a cloud enterprise software that automates the management of employee heathcare and flexi-benefits.
healthe logo
Healthe Care operates a network of private hospitals in Australia.
heartbeat logo
Heartbeat Experts offers a CRM to pharmaceutical companies for management of their key opinion Leaders.
hotdoc logo
HotDoc, based in Melbourne, built a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business focused on driving efficiency across the patient booking and healthcare service provider operational experience by delivering ...
HROnboard logo
HROnboard helps organizations manage the onboarding of new hires by automating the job offer creation and acceptance process.
HungryHungry logo
Hungry Hungry offers hospo venues including online ordering,options for in-venue and out-of-venue, and a full suite of smart marketing tools.
Huspy is a proptech company that simplifies the home financing process.
hyro logo
Merged to become Kit-Digital, a systems integrator, developer and provider of identity management software.
ingenero logo
Ingenero provides solar power installation solutions for residential, commercial and utility projects.
insite logo
Insite One provides medical data archiving, storage, and disaster-recovery solutions.
Integrated-Biometrics logo
Integrated Biometrics is a developer and manufacturer of patented fingerprint biometric technologies.
Intelepeer logo
Intelepeer provides an on-demand cloud-based communications platform that delivers voice, video, and unified communication to businesses.
Interwave logo
Interwave (now Alvarion) provides high quality 4G wireless communications solutions.
Inthinc logo
Acquired by Orbcomm, provider of solutions to positively impact driver behavior through monitoring and mentoring.
invicor logo
Invigor Group Limited is a data analytics and business intelligence group with a growing presence in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) markets.
Ip access logo
IP Access provides hardware and software solutions to extend 2G/3G mobile coverage.
Isc8 logo
ISC8 offers second-generation cyber security and 3D chip stacking technology.
IVenture Card logo
iVentures is a pre-paid smart card, allowing consumers a cash free entry or access to various tours and attractions.
JBfinancialgroup logo
JB Financial is a consolidated financial services and fintech group.
Kenshoo is a worldwide leader in agile marketing technology solutions.
koala logo
Koala, a pioneering home furnishing and mattress e-commerce business in Australia, had already achieved scale without raising outside equity funding thanks to a talented management ...
kredivo logo
Kredivo, the consumer brand of FinAccel, is a digital credit card equivalent, providing its users with fast and affordable solutions to shop online, shop offline, ...
Lancope logo
Acquired by Ciscco, Lancope is a unified platform for managing all network, security and virtual operations easily and effectively.
lawfinance logo
LawFinance is a specialist financier that seeks to provide the legal profession with alternative funding solutions curated to overcome barriers, release capital and facilitate growth.
Lay-Buy logo
Laybuy is a technology-driven payments business that makes desirable and affordable payments.
ldsi logo
LDSI / Cats Solutions provides digital printing services for clients in the UK.
Lifebroker logo
Lifebroker is an online life insurance broker/marketplace with policies from major insurance companies.
limelight logo
Limelight is a content delivery network (CDN) service provider used for delivery of digital media content and software.
Limitless-Technologies logo
Limitless is a GigCX platform enables businesses to connect customers with qualified experts to solve customer service enquiries on-demand.
livenote logo
Livenote provides software for legal research.
lucix logo
Lucix provides ultra high performance, high reliability microwave and millimeter devices and subsystems.
Madwire logo
Madwire Media is a SAAS-based marketing software company combined with a full-service marketing agency.
MailGuard logo
Mailguard provides a cloud web and email security service platform.
Mandoemedia logo
Mandoe Media specializes in the development and implementation of customized digital advertising and marketing solutions.
Marsello logo
Marsello delivers data driven automation, email, SMS and custom loyalty programs for marketing and sales.
Marti logo
Marti operates a fleet of over 46k e-mopeds, e-bikes, and e-scooters, serving 16 cities across Turkey.
Mathsoft logo
Acquired by PTC, Mathcad is engineering calculation software used by engineers to perform, document and share their design work with others.
mattersight logo
Mattersight provides call center analytics to reduce contact center costs and improve first call resolution at large help centers.
Med-Advisor logo
MedAdvisor develops software for personal medication management.
Mindjet logo
Mindjet provides software for collaborating, brainstorming and project analysis as well as management.
mitchellake logo
Mitchell Lake is a global talent acquisition firm specializing in startup & technology recruiting, onsite RPO recruitment & executive search.
mobileaccess logo
Mobile Access provides wireless services to anywhere in your building or throughout your multi-building campus.
Mobileum logo
Mobileum provides voice and data roaming solutions and mobile financial services.
Mon purse logo
Mon Purse provides made-to-order custom European leather bags and accessories online.
moola logo
Moola provides a hassle-free alternative to traditional lenders. An innovator in New Zealand’s FinTech space for digital lending.
nation builder logo
NationBuilder is a community organizing software platform that helps people organize and build community-based relationships.
Near logo
Near provides a SaaS platform that offers a unique source of intelligence on People, Place, and Product data.
Nimble is an Australian based company offering $100 to $5,000 personal loans via mobile device or computer. The Nimble mission is to make borrowing simple, ...
nomad logo
Nomad Digital is a global provider of wireless solutions to the transportation sector, including passenger WiFi.
Nomos-One logo
Nomos One provides lease management and lease accounting software solutions.
North American Scientific logo
NA Scientific (now Best Nomos) Oncology solutions provider.
Object consulting logo
Object Consulting creates and delivers experiences that help you form strong relationships with your consumers, citizens and employees.
omnilife logo
Omnia designs, manufactures, and distributes orthopedics for hip and knee replacement.
Omnilink logo
Acquired by Numerex (NMRX), OmniLink provides GPS based monitoring solutions for businesses, consumers, and government agencies.
Omnio logo
Omnio is a provider of cloud-based banking and payment services.
OpenMarkets is a digital stockbroker, providing retail and wholesale trading solutions.
Open Source logo
Open Source Systems provides open system storage servers and cluster packages.
Opontia logo
Opontia provides a fast and fair way for small e-commerce business owners to sell their companies.
optical logo
Optical access systems that enable service providers to offer a wide range of solutions. Acquired by Calix.
Outliving logo
Outliving is a key supply partner for retailers in the gift and houseware industry primarily in Australia.
packetexchange logo
Acquired by GTT. Global network services provider – Packet Exchange owns and operates a network connecting 65+ points of presence.
Panterra logo
PanTerra Networks delivers secure business-class unified cloud services including unified communications, contact center, and business analytics to mid-market enterprises.
Parkassist logo
Park Assist, acquired by TKH Group, provides parking guidance, bay sensing & enforcement parking management systems.
parnell logo
Parnell is a global veterinary pharmaceutical company.
pathfire logo
Pathfire, acquired by DG FastChannel, is a provider of digital media distribution and management solutions to the television, media and entertainment industries.
Pathmatics provides an advertiser database and digital marketing intelligence platform, giving visabilty into the digital ad performance of brands and their competitors.
Penguin Computing logo
Penguin Solutions is a private supplier of enterprise and high-performance computing and cloud computing software.
Perseus logo
Perseus, acquired by GTT, is an ultra-low latency networks connecting major exchanges all throughout the world.
Pervacio logo
Pervacio operates a web-based mobile device management platform offering carriers, retailers and corporations services to manage phones and handheld devices.
Planet-Labs logo
Planet Labs provides Earth imaging to monitor changes and pinpoint trends.
PlayQ logo
PlayQ is a mobile gaming company of high quality games for iOS, Google Play, Amazon and Facebook.
Pristine-sun logo
Pristine Sun develops, builds, owns and operates utilty scale solar projects acting as an IPP.
Prognos logo
Prognos Health is a healthcare analytics platrform accelerating real world data and insights to improve health outcomes.
Propell logo
Propsell is a fintech, helping SME’s to run and grow their business with payments, lending and cash flow products.
prospa logo
Prospa is Australia’s leading online lender to small businesses.
q1media logo
Q1 provides a digital advertising platform for web publishers to run digital ads across multiple web-based devices.
qualmark logo
Qualmark is a manufacturer of accelerated stress test equipment worldwide.
Rapid-Lending-Group logo
Rapid Lending Group is a fintech company that provides investment consulting, online personal loans, and asset management.
rapid-loans logo
Rapid Loans is a provider of loan services, car and vehicle finance.
RIO Logo
RIO is the leading global supplier of single frequency narrow linewidth lasers, modules, and subsystems. Acquired by Qinetiq.
relativity logo
Relativity Technologies Provides enterprise application modernization and application portfolio management solutions. Acquired by Micro Focus.
Retailpro logo
Retail Pro is a retail management software solution and POS system for both in-store and online retail.
Rezdy logo
Rezdy is an online booking and distribution platform powering the experiences industry.
RFI Group logo
RFi is a global intelligence and digital media provider focusing exclusively on financial services.
rockinghorse logo
Rocking Horse provides R&D financing services to innovators.
roller logo
Roller provides enterprise software platform for leisure and entertainment venues.
Developer of an elderly safety system designed to help their aging parents live safely at home.
sellpoints logo
Sellpoints is a leading provider of e-commerce channel sales solutions, dedicated to helping brands and retailers orchestrate sales online.
Sendmail logo
Sendmail, acquired by Proofpoint, provides message processing appliances, applications, and services to modernize messaging/email infrastructures.
shine logo
Shine is a manufacturer of nootropic drinks aimed at sharpening the users’ minds.
Silkhaus makes living comfortable and convenient through 24/7 mobile support and a digital concierge.
SimpliRoute is an information technology company specializing in optimization, logistics, innovation, and big data.
Smartbiz operates an online marketplace for SBA loans offering flexible financing options.
sonicfoundry logo
Sonic Foundry provides a software platform for lecture capture, video streaming and webcasting.
sonics logo
Sonics is a Provider of on-chip communications network IP.
Spanlink logo
Spanlink offers unified communications and contact center solutions. Acquired by ConvergeOne.
Splend logo
Splend offers all-inclusive subscriptions specifically tailored to rideshare drivers.
st bernard software
St. Bernard Software develops Internet infrastructure management solutions.
stackla logo
Stackla is a visual content engine, managing and displaying quality content across all marketing touchpoints.
Stormwind logo
StormWind creates and delivers interactive online IT training in a Hollywood-HD quality.
Stylerunner logo
Stylerunner is an e-commerce business bringing brands and private label product in the athleisure industry.
Suma logo
SUMA operates one of Latin America’s largest and fastest-growing financial management automation platforms.
Surfair is a California based commuter airline providing unlimited flight service for a fixed monthly fee in California, Texas and Western Europe.
Syarah specializes in promoting the sale of used and new cars online, assisting businesses and individuals in purchasing their vehicles easily and quickly.
synthesis logo
SYNthesis Med Chem is a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) and medical research, development and commercialization business.
Systemgroup is an organization that serves and transforms, enabling companies to generate shared value by creating innovative solutions.
tabby logo
Tabby is a leading shopping and financial services app operating in the Middle East and GCC.  The Company partners with merchants to originate short-dated consumer ...
TakePaymenys is a multi-channel payment service provider offering a range of credit and debit card processing solutions.
Taxfyle is a tax filing app that provides online accounting services and workforce for businesses and tax filers.
Team Snap logo
TeamSnap provides a user‐friendly application to centralize scheduling, coordination, and communication for team sports , as well as enabling payments and e-commerce.
techlend logo
TechLend is an online platform for mortgage loans, offering multiple mortgage loan products including residential and commercial bridging, refinancing, renovating, land-only loans, and more.
Tolt logo
Tolt offers a suite of lifecycle management solutions for supporting the infrastructure of customer-facing technology.
totallyawesome logo
Totally Awesome is the digital engagement company that helps brands safely interact with kids, teens and families.
Trackplus logo
TracPlus is a real-time tracking service provider using the latest satellite, web and mobile technology to provide asset and fleet tracking.
TP24 sign
B2B asset-backed lender that provides working capital facilities to SMEs and Mid Cap companies.
transoma logo
Transoma Medical provides wireless monitoring for life science researchers.
Traveltab logo
TravelTab is a travel and tourism hardware and software company specializing in GPS, international mobile and navigation data rentals and information.
trax logo
TraxTech platform and services manage large transportation suppliers for better performance and lower overall cost.
Triad semiconductor logo
Triad is a fabless provider of custom analog and mixed-signal Integrated Circuit (IC) solutions.
tribal logo
Tribal Credit is a financing and payments company built for emerging-market SMBs looking for a better way to pay and finance business expenses and increase ...
trion worlds logo
Trion develops games and delivers social content across video game genres, gaming platforms and mass-market entertainment formats.
True Green Group Logo
TrueGreen is an active investment manager of unlisted early stage ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) investments.
Trukker logo
Trukker is a technology-enabled truck aggregator that operates multiple truck types for multiple end markets.
ultravision logo
Ultravision provides design, development, manufacturing and distribution of energy efficient LED displays and LED lights.
Unidos provides alternative financial services to under-banked and unbanked consumers in the United States and abroad.
UpScript Health
UpScriptHealth provides turnkey product solutions for pharmaceutical companies to sell their medications direct-to-consumer.
Vacasa Logo
Vacasa operates a vacation retnal platform delivering home owners a turn-key service for marketing, booking, dynamically pricing and maintaining their properties.
valere logo
Valere Power (now Eltek Valere) develops and markets energy systems for various applications.
The Vamp platform is a creator marketing solution, connecting brands with influential creators to make collaboration simple.
vena logo
Vena provides a powerful CPM solution that integrates with MS Excel, automating your financial, accounting and business processes.
vericenter logo
Vericenter, acquired by SunGard, is a provider of managed hosting, colocation and IT outsourcing services for SME’s.
Vero Cloud logo
Vero is an SaaS business providing a platform for online businesses to send personalized marketing messages to customers at scale.
Vinculum logo
Vinculum is a global software company enabling OmniChannel Retailing.
Viocorp logo
Viocorp provides enterprise video streaming technology.
viostream logo
Viostream is a cloud-based video platform for the secure management and distribution of live and on-demand content inside and outside the corporate network.
WebLinc develops digital commerce technologies for growing ecommerce-focused teams. Their cloud-based productspower sites for online retailers and merchants.
Welltok logo
Welltok is an enterprise software as a service company for companies to help manage consumer health.
Whos On. Location sign
WhosOnLocation offers an integrated product suite to assist in the protection of an organization through tracking and managing personnel, visitors and emergencies no matter the ...
windlab logo
Windlab develops wind-mapping technology which it uses to identify and develop wind farm sites.
xrs logo
Omnitracs XRS is an on-demand fleet software to drive down fleet expenses and move customers toward 100% regulatory compliance and safety.
xenogen logo
Xenogen, part of Caliper Life Sciences, In vitro & in vivo contract research services,since acquired by PerkinElmer (PKI).
Xplor provides Saas Software for the childcare industry in Australia.
YBF-Ventures logo
YBF is a co-working business that is highly regarded within the tech community for fostering entrepreneurship and innovation.
ydm logo
Yello Digital Marketing (YDM) is a leading digital marketing group based in South Korea. YDM provides comprehensive advertising and ad-tech solutions to over 5,000 clients.
yellowfin logo
Yellowfin is a business intelligence (BI) analytics platform, dashboard and reporting software vendor.
Zoomin logo
ZoomIn enables customers globally to capture special moments through quality software, designed to help people create photo memorabilia in an uncomplicated way.

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30+ Year Global Strategic Partner

SVB is a leading American bank providing products, services and strategic advice for businesses at every stage. They operate as a go-to commercial bank for start-ups and established corporations, offering venture funding, private banking & wealth advising. SVB is the largest lender to technology companies globally.

SVB has built its reputation as the financial partner of the innovation economy – helping individuals, investors and the world’s most innovative companies achieve extraordinary outcomes.
PFG and SVB have maintained an official strategic partnership since the late 1980’s. We have collaborated together as co-lenders and extended each other's ability to reach new markets and provide deeper capital to high-growth companies.

PFG and SVB have provided growth debt across the U.S. & Canada, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Latin America, where we co-manage a Venture Debt Latin America Growth Lending Fund.

IFC logo

IFC — a member of the World Bank Group — is the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in emerging markets. IFC works in more than 100 countries, using its capital, expertise, and influence to create markets and opportunities in developing countries, leveraging the power of the private sector to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity.

PFG and IFC are strategic partners where we extend IFC’s direct venture and VC funding, collaborating on fintech and tech lending across global growth markets.

10+ Year Global Strategic Partner

Aims to be the partner of choice for the private sector in Latin America and the Caribbean. They finance projects to advance clean energy, modernize agriculture, strengthen transportation systems and expand access to financing.

IDB Invest, a member of the IDB Group, is a multilateral development bank committed to promoting the economic development of its member countries in Latin America and the Caribbean through the private sector. IDB Invest finances sustainable companies and projects to achieve financial results and maximize economic, social, and environmental development in the region. With a portfolio of $16.3 billion in asset management and 347 clients in 25 countries, IDB Invest provides innovative financial solutions and advisory services that meet the needs of its clients in a variety of industries.

PFG leads a joint venture with IDB Invest that provides debt capital to emerging innovative tech companies across the region via our Latin America Growth Lending Fund. The initiative brings investment expertise into LAC from top notch global players in this field.